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Yahoo BOSS Services are paid services that allow you to build and launch web-scale products. The Services currently provide you access to Search and Geo services. Yahoo Search services include Web, Image, News, Blog, and Spelling. Geo services include Yahoo Placefinder and Yahoo PlaceSpotter.

You may also qualify to monetize your Search products, receive a discount on usage fees, and generate revenue by showing search ads from Yahoo Bing Network marketplace. Just apply when you go through “BOSS Setup.” At that point, you will have the opportunity to review the applicable terms and pricing for that service.

BOSS Price Schedule (All Services except Placefinder)

Yahoo charges for all BOSS Services – other than Placefinder – based upon the number and type of queries that Yahoo receives from you via API to BOSS. Effective June 1, 2015, the prices for a query (the “Query Fee”) are as follows:

Query Type Definition Price per 1000 queries (USD) Price per 1000 queries for Monetization Partner (USD)* Max results per query
Web only Web search results $1.80 $1.00 50
Limited Web Discontinued as of 6/1/2015
Image only Image results only $1.80 $1.00 35
News only News results only $1.80 $0.20 50
Spelling only Spelling suggestions $1.80 $0.20 1
Related Search Related search suggestions $1.80 $0.20 10
PlaceSpotter Location information detection in a unit of text $8.00 Not Applicable Not Applicable

*See “offset billing” below.

You will be charged for actual queries received, based on the above rates. Charges are rounded up to the nearest 1000 queries price when you are billed. For example, if we receive one (1) Web only query, you will be billed $1.80.

If applicable, each query will return a fixed maximum number of results as detailed in the pricing table above. For example, if you need 100 “Web” results for a search term, you would need to make two queries to the “Web” service.

Billing – All Services except Placefinder and Yahoo Search Ads

Except for Placefinder and Yahoo Search Ads, the Query Fee will automatically be charged against your Payment Method upon the earlier to occur of:

  1. on any day where your usage accumulates $100, at which point Yahoo's billing system will charge for the total number of queries (rounded, as described above) accumulated by the end that day; or
  2. your regular monthly billing date, which is the 1st of the month.

Your billing statement will be emailed to you at the email address associated with your Yahoo user ID and will show you the Query Fees associated with your usage.

Offset Billing - Yahoo Search Ads

Qualified developers can receive advertising in the same BOSS call as other content. To participate, you will need to provide some details about your product, including information about your traffic sources, UI framework, and implementation. Once your product is approved, you will be able to deploy Yahoo Sponsored Search ads to generate revenue.

If you qualify and choose to monetize your qualifying Search offerings through Yahoo Search ads, you will receive the discount on your Query Fees. See BOSS pricing schedule for details. To receive the discounted Query Fees, you must comply with the additional terms and conditions of the advertising services, including:

  • Accepting and displaying search ads to your end users;
  • Displaying ad content without modification or changing the order;
  • No caching; and
  • Not generating queries or clicks by misleading means, and not interfering with with the presentation of the results, for example, by presenting interstitial content.

Your billing statement will reflect your Yahoo Search ad revenue, less any BOSS Search or PlaceSpotter-related Query Fees. For more details, please see the applicable terms and pricing for Search ads.

BOSS Price Schedule – Placefinder Only

For the BOSS Placefinder Service, Yahoo charges you the Query Fee based on the number of geocode queries that Yahoo receives per calendar month, multiplied by the pricing tier assigned based on your average daily use for that same month.

A “geocode” is defined as a single location parameter, as described in the Guidelines, provided in a request to the Services. Each single geocode is considered a single query.

To figure out which pricing tier applies, Yahoo takes your total number of queries in a calendar month, and divides that by the total number of calendars days in that calendar month (e.g., 28, 29, 30 or 31 days). The resulting figure is your “average daily use,” and you can determine which tier pricing applies in the table below:

Query Type Definition Average Daily Use (# of queries per day) Price per 1000 queries (USD)
Placefinder Geocoding and reverse-geocoding service 1-10,000 $6.00
10,001-35,000 $4.00
35,001+ $3.00

You will be charged for actual queries rounded down to the nearest 1000 queries. Any queries that were not billed in a month are carried over and added to the subsequent month. For example, if you make 16,600 queries in Month One, you will be charged for 16,000 queries in Month One, with the remaining 600 queries carried over to Month Two.

After your last month of using the BOSS Services, you will be billed for any carried over queries that Yahoo received but not yet billed.

Billing – Placefinder Only

You will be billed on a monthly basis for Placefinder queries. A bill for Placefinder will be emailed to your address associated with your Yahoo user ID following your monthly billing date. Placefinder charges are billed separately from the other BOSS Services.

Monthly Billing Date – Placefinder Only

For Placefinder, your monthly billing date will occur within the next month after you incur such charges. Please note that the actual billing date may vary depending on your Payment Method.

Payment Method(s)

You can use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Paypal, or any other payment method made available by Yahoo in the future (each, a “Payment Method”) to pay the Query Fee. See the Yahoo BOSS Payment Terms for additional information.


Date: May 15, 2015

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