Payment Method and Payment Plan Program Terms

PAYMENT METHOD PROGRAM TERMS - If you participate in the Payment Method Program, the following Program Terms apply.

  1. BILLING AND PAYMENT METHOD. When you supply us with a method of payment such as a credit card, charge card, or bank account (“Payment Method”) in connection with a Program, you participate in the “Payment Method Program” and you authorize us to bill your Payment Method pursuant to these Payment Method Program Terms for any and all charges and fees you incur in connection with that Program, including recurring payments. The types of Payment Methods that we accept and the timing of the billing of the charges and fees may vary according to the Program; however, we do not knowingly accept debit cards and you should not provide a debit card as a form of payment. The terms of your Payment Method are determined by an agreement(s) between you and your financial institution.

  2. AUTHORIZATION. You agree to keep your Payment Method information on file with us current (such as your address, card or account number, and expiration date, if any), and you also authorize us to update your Payment Method information with data we obtain from your financial institution, the issuer of your credit card or charge card, or from MasterCard or Visa. You authorize us to retain your Payment Method information until such time as you revoke this authorization in accordance with procedures prescribed by us. Any revocation by you of this authorization shall become effective: (a) if your Payment Method is a credit or charge card, when all charges and fees associated with your use of the Programs have been fully satisfied, as determined by us; or (b) if your Payment Method is a bank account, after three (3) business days. Your revocation of this authorization shall have no effect on your liability for charges and fees that you have incurred in connection with your use of a Program prior to such revocation.

  3. EFFECTS OF TERMINATION. Sections 2 (third and fourth sentences) and 3 of these Payment Method Program Terms shall survive any termination of the Agreement.

PAYMENT PLAN PROGRAM TERMS - If you participate in the Payment Plan Program, the following Program Terms apply.

  1. PAYMENT METHODS. If you use a Payment Plan, you authorize us to bill your Payment Method for all charges and fees in connection with each Program as specified by the Payment Plan you select (“Payment Plan Program”). Unless and until you or we discontinue your enrollment in a payment plan (“Payment Plan”), your preauthorization for billing your Payment Method is valid until the termination of the Agreement or the discontinuation of the Payment Plan by us or your participation therein. We will send a notification to the e-mail address associated with your Program account(s) after each preauthorized transaction to notify you that your account(s) has been replenished and your charges and fees have been paid. Such payments should appear on the periodic statement sent to you by the provider of your Payment Method. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate your right to prepay, any Payment Plan, and/or your participation therein at any time. If we modify a Payment Plan, notification will be posted on a Yahoo Company Website or you will be notified by e-mail. If you do not consent to such modified terms, you may elect to discontinue your enrollment in a Payment Plan at any time by providing written notice to us before the effective date of such modified terms. Your non-termination or continued use of a Program reaffirms that we are authorized to bill your Payment Method automatically and constitutes your acceptance of the terms of any such modified terms. In connection with a Payment Plan, you agree that if your charges equal or exceed your payment, then your ads may be removed from the Distribution Network and you will incur a debit balance for the amount of any unpaid charges incurred under your account(s), including any amounts accrued prior to the time your ads are actually removed. Charges will be posted to your account and must be paid before any of your ads will be made available through the Distribution Network.

  2. TYPES OF PAYMENT PLANS. “Non-Stop Traffic Payment Plan”: Under the Non-Stop Traffic Payment Plan, you preauthorize us to periodically bill your Payment Method on a recurring basis for the amount you specify. Your Payment Method will automatically be billed with the preauthorized amount whenever your account has fewer than approximately the prior three (3) days’ worth of charges remaining, as determined by us. The preauthorized amount then will be credited to your account and, after any debit balance that you may have incurred for charges in excess of the amount you have preauthorized is first deducted, the balance will be available to pay for future charges and fees; thus, while the amount charged to your Payment Method will remain the same throughout the term of your participation in the Non-Stop Traffic Payment Plan, the amount actually available in your account to pay for future charges and fees will vary depending upon the charges and fees you have incurred. “Fixed Budget Payment Plan”: Under the Fixed Budget Payment Plan, you determine a monthly amount for charges to your Program account(s) and you preauthorize us to bill your Payment Method each month in the amount specified. Notwithstanding the monthly amount you specify, if you exceed your available balance in any month, you will incur a debit balance; this debit balance will be deducted from the amount next billed to your Payment Method and the remaining balance will be credited to your account to pay for future charges.

  3. EFFECTS OF TERMINATION. None of the terms and conditions of these Payment Plan Program Terms shall survive the termination of these Payment Plan Program Terms or the applicable Program Terms.

These Payment Plan Program Terms were last updated on March 23, 2007.