Yahoo News

Yahoo News and the Yahoo Newsroom app are free services, providing you with comprehensive and up-to-date news on the Web. You do not need to be a Yahoo registered user to access this service.

Information Collection and Use Practices

  • Email a Friend / Share Features
    • You can share news stories by clicking on the ‘Email’, ‘Recommend’, ‘Tweet’ and other links at the bottom of a news article. In order to use the email feature, you must enter your name and email address and the name and email address of the recipient.
    • With email, you have the option of entering a personal message that may or may not include personally identifiable information.
    • Your name and email address will be visible to the recipient of the news story email.
    • Yahoo does not use the names or email addresses from this service for any marketing purposes.
    • In some cases, we may analyze and collect information about photos and other content you upload. For example, when it's included as part of your images, we may collect information describing your camera, camera settings, or EXIF information. This information allows us to improve our services and provide additional features and functionality.
  • Commenting
    • When signed into the Yahoo network you may comment on and share links to content posted on Yahoo News. When you comment on content, your profile is linked to that content and your display name and profile photo are visible to other users.
    • You must be a logged-in, registered Yahoo user to post a comment.
    • Comments you post will be displayed publicly along with your display name and profile picture or avatar.
    • You may also delete a comment you have posted by selecting the ‘delete’ option next to the comment you wish to remove.
    • Your comments are visible to you on the “My Comments” tab next to the commenting streams.
  • Feedback Form
    • You can also submit feedback to Yahoo News by using the Yahoo News Source Submission Form. This form asks you to give us your name and email address if you would like us to be able to contact you.
    • This information is optional and will be used to contact you regarding the feedback that you have provided to us.
  • News for You
    • The News for You module shows popular news content that may be personalized for you based on factors like past reading activity. In cases where it shows suggested topics of interest, logged-in users may declare topics of interest and receive some content based on their interests. Your suggested topics may be based on popular topics or topics based on your Yahoo News activity. You may add and subtract topics of interest using the Media Interest Manager. You can manage your topics of interest by selecting and deselecting items under the “All Topics” section and then clicking “Save Interests”.

Yahoo Activity

  • Yahoo Activity allows you to automatically share the Yahoo activity you view with your friends and easily discover things that are interesting to them.
    • When you opt-in to Yahoo Activity, Yahoo will automatically share links to the Yahoo activity you view to both your friends on Facebook and to your Facebook friends on Yahoo.
    • You can turn off automatic sharing by clicking on the “Social” drop-down menu where you see the sharing bar. You can also remove individual articles you’ve shared by clicking on the “Your Activity” drop-down menu.
    • Please read our FAQ to learn more or visit the "Sharing" section on Yahoo News Activity Help if you have more questions.


This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Yahoo Privacy

To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product or topic. Information on this page may change as Yahoo adds or removes features.

Personalized Experience

By bringing content and advertising to you that is relevant and tailored to your interests, Yahoo provides a more compelling online experience. Update your content or search preferences, manage your advertising choices, or learn more about relevant advertising.

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