Yahoo Messenger

This module details our privacy practices for versions of Yahoo Messenger released on or after December 3, 2015. For additional information on how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Note: Versions of Yahoo Messenger released prior to December 3, 2015 are no longer supported, however you may review the privacy module here. Please upgrade to the new Yahoo Messenger.

Information Collection & Use Practices

  • We collect information about you when you use Yahoo Messenger. We collect information from you directly, such as your phone number, email address, photos, and, with your consent, device contacts. We also collect information from you automatically when you use Yahoo Messenger, such as your IP address, location, analytics on app usage, device ID and type, and mobile carrier.
  • We use the information collected to provide our products and services to you, communicate with you, and operate and improve our products. For example, we use your information to create an account for you and to enable you to search for, connect to, and communicate with other Yahoo Messenger users (and vice versa).
  • When using Yahoo Messenger, your communications content is stored on our servers and may be made searchable for you through our platforms.
  • Yahoo’s automated systems analyze all communications content (such as Mail and Messenger content including instant messages and SMS messages) to, without limitation, provide personally relevant product features and content, to match and serve targeted advertising and for spam and malware detection and abuse protection. This analysis occurs on all communications content as it is sent, received, and when it is stored, including communications content from services synced with your Yahoo account.
    • Please read our FAQ to learn more.
    • This information may also be used for interest-based advertising. You may opt-out of Yahoo’s automated scanning for commercial purposes, as well as our interest-based advertising, through our Ad Interest Manager.

Information Sharing & Disclosure Practices

  • When you communicate using Yahoo Messenger, we facilitate sharing communications with your friends.
  • To make it easier for you to locate and communicate with other Yahoo Messenger users, we may, with your consent, synchronize data from your devices. We do this to help you get the most out of Yahoo’s services and enhance your online experience, for example, to help you manage your contacts individually or in groups, de-duplicate contacts, or suggest contacts to message.
  • Other users who have your phone number or email address stored as a contact on their device will be able to discover you on Yahoo Messenger and see your Messenger name and photo.
  • You can invite your friends to join Yahoo Messenger, and 1-on-1 and group conversations. Invitations may include message content, such as your name and photos.

Unsending Messages, Photos & GIFs

  • In many cases you can unsend communications content (however, we may retain copies and logs for audit and record purposes or as required by law).
  • There are some exceptions to the unsend feature, for example:
    • Users who receive your messages, or any other content, can save or copy them, including taking a screenshot or by using some other image-capturing methods or technology. Also, if users save or copy content (including photos) before it is unsent, they may be able to access and share that content later;
    • Push notifications of new messages aren’t taken back, so users may be able to read notification snippets of unsent messages;
    • A message cannot be unsent if a friend is still using a prior version of Yahoo Messenger or goes offline before you can unsend;
    • Please review the interoperability and unsend Help pages to learn more.
  • Think before you share! Messages are sent immediately. There's no guarantee the recipients won't see the message before you unsend it.


  • Some features available in Yahoo Messenger, such as the “like” and unsend features, may not function when communicating with friends using prior versions of Yahoo Messenger (versions released prior to December 3, 2015).
  • Please see Yahoo Messenger Help pages if you have additional questions about this product.
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