Yahoo Homepage Privacy Policy

This page describes Yahoo’s practices for this particular service. For more information, also visit our main Privacy Policy, or, for mobile users, our Mobile Privacy Policy.

Yahoo Homepage Privacy Policy

Yahoo Homepage is a free service. You do not have to be a registered user to access the Yahoo Homepage, but if you register with Yahoo you will experience a richer and more personal experience.

Information Collection, Sharing, and Use

  • Topics, Preferences, and Settings
    • Content Preferences
      • Your newsfeed shows content that may be personalized for you. If you indicate you don’t want to see a story by selecting the ‘X’, you may be asked if you would like to see fewer related topics. These topics help influence your personalized newsfeed.
      • If you connect your account to Facebook your Likes and your Friends' Likes may also be used to influence topics for personalization.
      • You may edit these declared topics of interest by visiting your Content Preferences page.
    • Location
      • The Yahoo Homepage may detect your location or you can input your location to see local weather and other location-based personalization.
      • To understand and control your location information on Yahoo, please visit our Location Privacy Page and your Yahoo Location Manager.
  • Social Content
    • Connecting your Yahoo and Facebook accounts provides a more social experience on Yahoo. You can manage your connections in your Yahoo Profile and on several Yahoo mobile applications. In some cases, you will need to create the connection in each application for that application to be able to access your Facebook account.
        • Connected Facebook Accounts
        • By connecting accounts through the Yahoo Facebook App, you may see stories recommended to you based on your Likes.
        • You may also see other features about you and your Friends, such as upcoming birthdays.
        • To view and manage the topics that influence your Yahoo experience visit the Content Preferences page in your Yahoo Profile.
        • You can disconnect by visiting your Yahoo Profile Settings.
      • Social Activity
        • When you use the Yahoo Social Activity App, you can share Yahoo activity including videos you watch, articles you read, and more, with your Facebook Friends.
        • If you have connected your Yahoo and Facebook accounts, you will also see your Friends’ most recent activity through the ‘Social Activity’ filter (under the ‘More’ option) at the top of your newsfeed.
        • You can turn off Social Activity sharing by visiting a property that supports this feature, such as Yahoo Sports, and selecting “Remove this Experience”.
        • Please read our FAQ to learn more about Social Activity, or visit Yahoo Help if you have more questions.
  • Mobile

    • The Yahoo Mobile Homepage is designed to bring a personalized Yahoo experience to your mobile device.
  • Utilities

    • The Yahoo Homepage features a number of customized utilities such as Weather, Sports, Horoscopes, Flickr, Finance, and Friends’ Birthdays.
    • You can delete any utility by clicking ‘X’ in the upper right corner of each.
    • To restore, click the ‘Restore All' button below your utilities (this button will only appear if you’ve removed one or more utility).
    • These utilities will draw from account information for logged-in users. For example you can view your financial portfolios, follow sports teams, see your Flickr feed, and select your astrological sign directly within the relevant utility.


This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers.

Yahoo Privacy

To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product or topic. Information on this page may change as Yahoo adds or removes features.

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