Yahoo Feedback Guidelines

Our product feedback forums are a great way for you to share your ideas about Yahoo. We value your insights, and depend on you to help keep the forums a safe, fun, and positive place for everyone. Here are some guidelines for making the most of your experience in the forums:

In short:

  1. Be a good citizen — Be appropriate in what you post, and flag content that violates guidelines.
  2. Stay on topic — Keep your feedback clear and relevant to the forum that you’re using.
  3. Follow the law — We’ll take appropriate action if we find you breaking the law.

Thing to do:

  1. Be constructive and clear. Feedback that is descriptive and specific can help us understand your suggestions. Is there a feature you think is missing? What parts of an old design did you appreciate? Feel free to provide links of where you’re seeing issues or have opinions. Knowing the details of your ideas can help us implement them.
  2. Be engaged. You can post new ideas, or vote for other people’s suggestions to show that you agree. These ideas help us update and improve our products.
  3. Stay on topic. Every forum has a specific topic, whether it’s Accessibility or Weather. When offering feedback, use the forum that best fits your idea. For example, if you have a suggestion on how to improve contact details in Yahoo Mail, post it on the Mail forum — not on the one dedicated to Finance.

Things not to do:

  1. Don’t be unkind. Your ideas and responses to the ideas of others should be free of belligerence, insults, slurs, profanity or ranting. If you wouldn’t say it in public or with a group of friends, don’t post it.
  2. Don’t spam. Forums are not the place to promote other sites or services, or for fraudulent behavior.
  3. Don’t violate the law. Don’t threaten, harass, impersonate, or hurt others, and don’t invade other people’s privacy.
  4. Don’t post your account details or personal information. Remember that feedback on the forums is publicly available, so it can be seen by anybody. If you need help with a specific problem related to your account, please contact Yahoo Customer Care.

Please understand that while we are actively listening to feedback from our users to improve your experience, we may not respond to every comment. Also, since our products are constantly evolving, we may take down older or outdated feedback, pursuant to our Terms of Service.

If you see content that may violate these guidelines, or the general Yahoo Community Guidelines, you can report it by clicking on the “Flag as inappropriate” button on each idea or comment.