Yahoo Connected TV

Yahoo Connected TV

Yahoo Connected TV brings the best of the Web into your living room to create a personally relevant Internet setup with an App-based user experience for TV.

Yahoo User Account

i. You do not need to be a registered Yahoo user to use Yahoo Connected TV although some Yahoo TV Apps may require you to log in to Yahoo

ii. Once logged in to Yahoo a user is not automatically logged out once the TV App is closed. You can sign in and sign out of the Yahoo account associated with individual profiles in the Settings menu.

iii. TV Apps developed by Yahoo are subject to the Yahoo Privacy Policy applicable to your region, and the individual privacy modules associated with those products. For example, you can visit and click on the privacy link on that page to see

Non-Yahoo Content and Service Providers

i. Yahoo Connected TV offers TV Apps from other content and service providers, but does not share your personally identifiable Yahoo user data with those providers without your consent. We may share aggregate response data with our partners pursuant to our Privacy Policy (please find the Privacy Policy applicable to your market at, however, this data is not personally identifiable.

ii. You do not need to log in to Yahoo to use non-Yahoo branded TV Apps.

iii. For information on how those providers collect and use your information, please review their individual privacy policies.

Yahoo Connected TV Platform

i. The Yahoo Connected TV Platform automatically checks for updates.

ii. The Yahoo Connected TV Platform supports the Yahoo log-in so some TV Apps built by Yahoo can access password protected data associated with your Yahoo ID, such as your Flickr photos and Yahoo Finance portfolio.

iii. When your connected TV contacts Yahoo servers, it sends a unique identifier number that allows Yahoo to distinguish between different televisions utilising the Yahoo Connected TV Platform.

Broadcast Interactivity

Your Yahoo Connected TV viewing may include interactive prompts related to shows that you watch. You can vote for your favourite contestants, learn more about characters, actors, or advertised products, and see personalised information and advertising alongside your programming.

i. Prompts will appear briefly at the bottom of your screen when companion TV Apps or other useful information is available. Just select a prompt with your remote control to interact.

ii. To recall previously displayed prompts or turn off this feature, use your remote control to access the TV Dock and open the Broadcast Interactivity TV App. The on/off setting can be accessed in the Profile TV App.

When you use Yahoo Connected TV, you are subject to the Yahoo terms of service which you accepted upon first launching Yahoo Connected TV on your television. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please see the complete Privacy Policy which applies in your region.

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