Yahoo Mail FAQ*

  1. What are “relevant ads” as they relate to Yahoo Mail?

    We believe that our ads can be part of an exciting, immersive experience, and we empower you to shape the ads that you find as relevant as possible. To make our ads more relevant and useful for you, we make educated guesses about your interests based on your activity on Yahoo’s sites and services, as well as provide ads that are contextually relevant to the page with which they are served. Yahoo’s automated systems analyse all communications content (such as Mail and Messenger content including instant messages and SMS messages) to detect, among other things, certain words and phrases (we call them "keywords") within these communications. This analysis occurs on all communications content as it is sent and received as well as when it is stored, including communications content from services synced with your Yahoo account. This might result in ads being shown to you in Mail for products and services that are related to those keywords. In addition, these keywords may contribute to the interest categories we assign to your browser for interest-based ads that we show throughout the Yahoo Ad Network.

  2. How does Yahoo Mail message analysis work?

    Yahoo’s automated systems analyse all communications content (such as Mail and Messenger content including instant messages and SMS messages) and all photos and other content uploaded to your account to, without limitation, provide personally relevant product features and content, to match and serve targeted advertising and to ensure spam and malware detection and abuse protection. This analysis occurs on all communications content as it is sent, received and when it is stored, including communications content from services synced with your Yahoo account. For certain use cases, Yahoo runs automated algorithms on commercial communications to create generic templates of such documents (e.g. using common language to identify the elements of an airline receipt). These templates do not include the recipient’s personal data. Yahoo template editors may review the templates to improve our services and our personalisation of your experience.

  3. How are the new features in Yahoo Mail related to Yahoo Messenger?

    We know in your connected life you frequently cross devices as well as communication mediums. With that in mind, Yahoo Mail and the new Yahoo Messenger version 11 (to find your version, go to Help -> About) work together better than ever. Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger share a common search platform. This means you may now archive Yahoo instant messages along with your mail messages on Yahoo servers and search them together (including Voice Mail, SMS, and more) from a wide variety of devices and computing systems.

  4. Does Yahoo Mail automatically share my messages with anyone else?

    Your messages are shared only with the people you want. Yahoo may anonymously share specific objects from a message with a 3rd party to provide a more relevant experience within your mail. For example, Yahoo may share a package tracking number with the shipping company so that you can easily see when your package will arrive, or may share your flight number with your airline to enable flight notifications within your inbox.

  5. Can I use Yahoo Mail and still opt-out of interest-based ads?

    Yes. Yahoo Mail respects your choice to opt out of interest-based ads. Bear in mind that your opt-out will also apply to certain other products we offer including analysis of communications content for advertising purposes, receiving interest-based content and the receipt of data from partner sites for our analytics products. Depending on your locale, you can easily exercise this choice here, or find it via links within Yahoo Mail, as well as footer and icon links available throughout Yahoo.

  6. What does Mobile Uploader do?

    If you turn on the Mobile Uploader feature, photos and videos from your mobile device camera roll will be automatically uploaded to Yahoo Mail. These photos and videos will be stored as private on Yahoo Mail until you choose to share them. You can turn off the Uploader feature at any time in your app settings. The Mobile Uploader feature may collect information about photos and videos uploaded to Yahoo Mail, including EXIF data. Exchangeable Image File Format (“EXIF”) data is a record of the settings and other relevant metadata inserted by a digital camera when you take a photo or video such as camera type, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and location, among other information. Unless you turn off EXIF data on your camera or device or remove it from the picture before uploading, Yahoo Mail receives and stores EXIF data. Some cameras can store GPS (location) coordinates in a photo's EXIF header.

* If you are a BT Yahoo user the information contained in this FAQ applies to you except that we won't use the content of your emails to deliver interest matched advertising.

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