Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a knowledge sharing forum which allows you to ask, answer, comment and vote on questions and answers, on a variety of topics and communicate with other Answers’ users.

Although you are not required to be a logged in registered Yahoo User to view questions, answers and comments in Answers, you must be a logged in registered Yahoo user, and create a separate Answers profile, to ask, answer, vote, comment or communicate within Answers.

Information Collection and Use Practices

  • Yahoo Answers collects information about your activity in both anonymous and personally identifiable forms – including specific questions, answers, comments and votes and your usage statistics and points.
  • In order to do more than just view Answers, you will need to be registered with Yahoo and have a Yahoo ID and you must also create a Yahoo Answers profile.
    • To create an Answers profile, you must be registered with Yahoo, and must also select a nickname, and may upload a picture. To register with Yahoo (if you haven’t done so already) you will need to provide Yahoo with certain personal information such as your full name, gender, birth date, email address and interests.
    • Note that your nickname, any picture you have uploaded, all your 'Yahoo Answers' and questions, your usage statistics (points, level, activity summary) and your contacts and fans and any ‘about me’ information you decide to add will be publicly displayed on the public view of your Yahoo Answers profile.
  • You will also have to choose an e-mail address where we will, from time to time, send you communications regarding your usage of Yahoo Answers and community feedback regarding your participation.
  • We will use information about your activity on Yahoo Answers to improve Yahoo's overall products and services.

Communications, Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices

  • Contact permissions are controlled by you in your Yahoo Answers profile.
  • You can choose to enable other users to contact you via e-mail, or Yahoo Instant Messenger.
  • If you enable IM communications your IM ID will be seen publicly on your profile page. Please note that if you use your Yahoo ID as your Yahoo Answers nickname users may be able to contact you via IM even if you have not specifically enabled this function for Yahoo Answers.
  • By default, other Yahoo Answers users can add you to their Answers’ contacts list (including sending you an email inviting you to join their “contacts”) unless you disable this function in your Answers' Profile.
  • All activities outside of viewing and voting (asking, answering and commenting) are assigned to your Yahoo User ID, or any nickname you select.
  • Your activities will be tied to the name you select. You may change this name at any time and the name linked to all previous activity will be changed as well.
  • You can make your Yahoo Messenger ID public in your Profile. By choosing to make your Yahoo Messenger ID public, all viewers of Yahoo Answers can link to your Yahoo Answers Profile, where they can see your Yahoo Messenger ID.
  • All questions, answers and comments posted by you in Answers, as well as the public view of your Answers profile, will be publicly displayed and may be viewed by anyone visiting Yahoo Answers and are available to be indexed by search engines. You should exercise discretion if you choose to publicly share personally identifiable information in Answers. You should be aware that your information can be viewed collectively as a whole, and not just as individual postings. You should also be aware that by publicly sharing personally identifiable information you could receive unsolicited communications from other parties.

Practices Regarding Your Ability to Update or Delete Information

  • You can add details to or delete questions you've asked for as long as the question is open. Once the question is resolved, you cannot make changes or delete your content.
  • You can edit and delete answers while the question being asked is open. Once the question is resolved, you cannot make changes or delete your answer. Once a question becomes a Resolved Question, that question and all corresponding answers may be held in Answers, and be publicly available, indefinitely.
  • Questions, answers, comments or nicknames can be removed at any time if they violate the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines.


This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Yahoo Privacy and Cookie Policy

To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product or topic. Information on this page may change as Yahoo adds or removes features.

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