Travel Policy

EMEA Travel Policy for Vendors, Independent Contractors, Consultants, Outsourced Service Providers, and other Approved Vendors


The following policy provides a framework to clarify the circumstances under which Yahoo will reimburse a Vendor for travel expenses.

The policies described herein apply to Vendors, Independent Contractors, Consultants, Outsourced Service Providers, and, other Approved Vendors that perform approved billable services on behalf of Yahoo pursuant to a Yahoo Vendor Master Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) signed with Yahoo. For the purposes of this document, all third party references listed above will be referred to as “Vendors”.


Yahoo will reimburse for travel expenses incurred while performing services for Yahoo only when ordinary business communications are not sufficient to accomplish the business mission and when pre-approved in writing by Yahoo.

Yahoo will reimburse for pre-approved travel expenses incurred in connection with services provided to Yahoo as long as all expenses comply with this policy.

Yahoo will not reimburse for travel expenses and related items that are not covered by this policy and such expenses remain the sole responsibility of the Vendor.

The following is a partial list of items that are not reimbursable by Yahoo. In general, if this policy does not explicitly identify an item as a covered expense, it is not reimbursable:

  • Personal items and services purchased while traveling (i.e. toiletries, clothing, cosmetics, shoe shine, etc.)
  • Airline club membership dues/Airline Guides
  • Airline Class of Service Upgrades
  • Baby-sitter/Pet-sitter fees
  • Barber/Hairstylist
  • In-flight movies/refreshments
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Luggage or briefcases
  • Lost or damaged laptop computer
  • Magazines, books, newspapers, personal reading materials
  • “No show” charges for hotel or car service
  • Optional travel or baggage insurance
  • Parking tickets or traffic violations
  • Personal Entertainment (In-room movies, health club fees, sightseeing tours, mini-bar alcoholic refreshments, etc.)
  • Rental car upgrades
  • Finance charges or annual fees on personal credit cards used for business
  • Finance or Membership Reward Program charges on personal corporate credit card
  • Repairs, maintenance or insurance on personal car
  • Local car rental when personal car is in for repair
  • Personal productivity tools such as Palm Pilots, cellular phones
  • Request for reimbursement of travel paid by frequent flyer miles
  • Loss of on unrecoverable airline tickets, traveler’s checks, etc.
  • Entertainment of spouse/companion while performing services on behalf of Yahoo


This travel policy sets forth the conditions under which Yahoo will reimburse for travel expenses incurred while providing services to Yahoo.


  • All air, lodging, and car rental reservations, including en route changes, should be booked through Yahoo's designated travel agency unless pre-approved by Yahoo Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing to use another source. Local in country travel agency information will be provided on request.


  • Yahoo appointed Travel Agencies will book travel on Yahoo's preferred air carriers, whenever possible.
  • Air Travel will be charged to the Vendor’s credit card.
  • The Travel Agency will secure the lowest logical airfare, including restricted and/or advanced airfares whenever possible, using the following criteria:
    • The flight’s departure or arrival time is within two (2) hours before or after the requested departure or arrival time. This includes use of alternate airports.
    • One stop or connecting flights on the preferred carriers should be used if a savings of $100 or more can be achieved and the flight’s departure or arrival time is no more than two (2) hours longer than the requested non-stop flight time.
    • Non-preferred airline should be considered when less expensive than the preferred airlines and equals at least a minimum saving of $100. This includes one stop or connecting flights with a departure or arrival time of no more than two (2) hours longer than the requested non-stop flight time and the use of alternate airports.
  • For domestic travel, fees will be reimbursed for Coach Class only.
  • For international flights that are trans Atlantic or trans Pacific or intercontinental and over eight (8) hours of continuous non-stop air, fees will be reimbursed for Coach. Business Class will only be reimbursed as an exception to policy if the SVP of the business unit pre-approves this expense in writing.
  • Boarding Pass receipts and a copy of the itinerary must be submitted to Yahoo for reimbursement.
  • Forward any unused and/or partially unused airline tickets to the Travel Agency within five (5) days after returning from trip for credit processing.


Yahoo has designated “preferred hotels” in locations throughout the world. Lodging should be booked at the least expensive Yahoo preferred hotel in the city to which they are traveling.

  • Standard room type is a single room.
  • If traveling to city where there is no preferred Yahoo hotel, the Travel Agency can provide the maximum hotel rate Yahoo will reimburse for lodging in that city.
  • Telephone calls should be charged to the Vendor’s company or personal calling card to avoid hotel surcharges.
  • The Vendor is responsible for canceling “guaranteed late arrival” reservations in order to avoid “no-show” charges. Yahoo does not reimburse for “no-show” charges.


  • Yahoo will reimburse for car rental arranged through the Yahoo appointed travel agency with our preferred car hire provider Avis.
  • Yahoo will reimburse for intermediate/mid-size or smaller car only.
  • Car rentals do not include insurance at the Yahoo Rate; therefore, insurance must be purchased if Vendor does not have insurance that covers rental.
  • Cars should be returned with a full tank of gas to avoid higher priced refueling costs.


  • Whenever possible, Vendor’s use of public transportation is encouraged, including vans and courtesy shuttles. Taxis should be used in lieu of a rental car when a taxi is more cost-effective. Yahoo reserves the right to reject expenses for taxis or ground transportation costs if deemed excessive.


  • Personal Meals: Yahoo will reimburse for the cost of meals when traveling on business to the following maximums: Breakfast £10, Lunch £15, Dinner £25 (not to exceed £50 total per day). Any costs in excess of these maximums will not be reimbursed by Yahoo and remain the responsibility of the Vendor. Original credit card receipts must be submitted via the expense reimbursement form.


All Vendors should invoice Yahoo for travel expenses within thirty (30) days of travel. Receipts should be attached to invoices and sent to Yahoo Accounts Payable for billable expenses. Invoices should reference the Yahoo Purchase Order number for the engagement, if applicable, and expenses should be billed at costs without any additional markup.

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