SaaS Provider Terms

These SaaS Provider Terms (“SaaS Terms”) effective as of the Start Date are subject to the Vendor Master Terms and Conditions located at: and are part of the Agreement. Except for terms defined herein, capitalized terms used here are defined in the Vendor MTC.

1. SAAS SERVICES. Vendor will provide those SaaS Services described in a PO or an SOW, including:

1.1 Setup and Configuration. Vendor will implement, configure and set up the SaaS Services, as required by Yahoo, in order for Yahoo to use the Solution and for Vendor to host the SaaS Services, as contemplated by the Agreement.

1.2 Training. Vendor will provide such technical assistance and training as provided in a PO, an SOW and/or as Yahoo may reasonably request. All training services will be at no additional charge unless a fee for such training services is specified in a PO or an SOW.

1.3 Hosting Services. Hosting Services will be provided from the physical location(s) set forth in an SOW, PO or at such other location(s) as the Parties may agree upon in writing.

1.4 Updates. Vendor will make available to Yahoo (at no additional cost) all Updates and any Documentation for such Updates. Vendor will ensure that: (a) new features or enhancements to existing features are synchronized with the previous version; and (b) Updates will not degrade the performance, function, or operation of the SaaS Services.

1.5 Technological Improvements. Vendor will develop and make available to Yahoo through Updates, all modifications and revisions required to enable the SaaS Services to operate in compliance with any applicable Law.

1.6 SLAs

(a) Vendor will provide the Hosting Services and maintain availability of the Solution at a level of ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent (99.99%) for each calendar month during the Term of the Agreement (“Availability”). The percentage of Availability is calculated by subtracting the number of hours of Downtime in a calendar month from the number of hours in a calendar month, divided by the number of hours in a calendar month. Vendor will use measuring and monitoring tools to calculate the Availability of the Hosting Services for each calendar month. Vendor will provide a report to Yahoo detailing such Availability within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar month. For each tenth of one percent of Availability less than ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent (99.99%) for any calendar month, Yahoo, at its election will receive: (a) five (5) days of Hosting Services at no additional charge; or (b) a credit equal to the value of five (5) days of Hosting Services. In the event Availability falls below ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent (99.99%) for more than three (3) days in any calendar month, Yahoo will be entitled to an amount equal to the greater of ten thousand British pounds (GBP 10,000) or five percent (5%) of the total amounts paid to Vendor for the preceding twelve (12) month period.

(b) In addition to those requirements outlined in Section 1.6(a), Vendor will provide SaaS Services in accordance with the SLAs outlined in the Service Level Agreement Terms located at:, which are incorporated herein by this reference and may be updated from time to time, and such other SLAs as maybe outlined in a PO or an SOW.


2.1 By Vendor. Vendor hereby grants to the Yahoo Entities, on behalf of itself and its licensors and suppliers, an irrevocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable (except as set forth in Vendor MTC Section 14.1 (Assignment)), royalty-free, worldwide license, during the period specified in a PO or an SOW, to access, use, display and perform the Solution (including all Documentation), in executable format, through the Hosting Services, all in accordance with the applicable Documentation for the Solution.

2.2 Alterations. Except as provided in these SaaS Terms or as required by Laws, Vendor will not materially alter, modify, change, remove or disable access to all or any portion of the SaaS Services, without providing Yahoo thirty (30) days prior written notice, or any Yahoo Data stored on any server for any reason, without Yahoo's prior written agreement.


3.1 Advance Notice of Relocation. In the event that any server or Information System used to provide SaaS Services is relocated, Vendor will provide at least ninety (90) days’ advanced written notification of such relocation to Yahoo and will use best efforts to ensure the continuity of services.

3.2 Loss Control. Vendor will be responsible for maintaining its facilities and operations in accordance with applicable and prudent safety, security, fire protection, and loss control standards, including redundancy and alternate routing processes. Upon Yahoo's prior written request, Vendor will allow Yahoo and their designated representatives to visit and perform loss control audits of the facility and operations and cooperate in the resolution of recommendations made.

3.3 Business Continuity Plan.

(a) Vendor will develop and keep current a formal business continuity plan which details strategies for response to, and recovery from, a broad spectrum of potential disasters that could disrupt operations and timely delivery of materials and services required pursuant to these SaaS Terms.

(b) The business continuity plan will include: (i) a baseline material Hazard analysis; (ii) a written recovery plan and documented emergency and incident response procedures; (iii) a mitigation plan to prevent losses or minimize effects of unavoidable ones; and (iv) a crisis communication plan.

(c) Vendor will conduct an annual test and evaluation of its business continuity plan, which upon request by Yahoo may be witnessed by Yahoo, to ensure expected systemic and process responsiveness from Vendor.

(d) Upon request, Vendor will make its business continuity plan and the annual evaluation available to Yahoo or its designated representative for review.


4.1 Precedence. Except as indicated herein, terms in these SaaS Terms supplement, but do not replace, terms in the Vendor MTC. In the case of inconsistency or conflict between the provisions of these SaaS Terms and the Vendor MTC or any PO, SOW, SLA, PLSS, or Change Order, the provisions of these SaaS Terms will control. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a PO, SOW or Change Order may amend these SaaS Terms only if the amended terms contained in such a PO, SOW or Change Order: (a) apply only to the individual PO, SOW or Change Order and not to any other PO, SOW or Change Order; and (b) specifically identify the provision(s) of these SaaS Terms they amend.

4.2 Audits. Vendor represents, warrants, and undertakes that it has completed an audit of the SaaS Services, within the calendar year prior to the effective date of the applicable SOW or PO for SaaS Services, and will provide Yahoo a copy of the report upon request. During the Term of the Agreement, Vendor will continue to undergo audits of the Saas Services on an annual basis and provide Yahoo copies of such reports on or before November 30th of each calendar year at no cost to Yahoo. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Yahoo discovers errors in the audit report for the SaaS Services or if the audit report for the SaaS Services is incomplete or delivered after the deadline set forth in this Section 4.2, Vendor hereby grants Yahoo access to Vendor’s Information Systems, records, and facilities to conduct an audit.


5.1Disaster” means a serious disruption of the functioning of an organization, causing widespread human, business interruption, material, or environmental losses that exceed the ability of the organization to cope using only its own resources.

5.2Downtime” means any period of time, scheduled and unscheduled, when the SaaS Services are not available for use. Scheduled downtime must: (a) be announced to Yahoo at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance; (b) occur outside the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday GMT; (c) not exceed two (2) hours in any twenty-four (24)-hour period; and (d) not exceed four (4) hours in any calendar month.

5.3Hazard” means an existing or unusual occurrence in the natural or human-made environment that may adversely affect human life, property or activity due to a Disaster, including destruction of data storage, retrieval, and processing facilities, hazardous materials release, loss of data systems integrity from breaches of security, power failures, structural failures, telecommunications failures, transportation failures, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, wild or forest fires, windstorms and winter storms.

5.4Hosting Services” means Services comprising the hosting, maintenance, and administration of the Solution on servers or Information Systems owned, leased, or otherwise used by Vendor and the support of such electronic communications capabilities as Yahoo and Vendor may agree upon in order to provide Yahoo with remote access to the Solution.

5.5SaaS Services” means the Services provided by the Vendor, including the Hosting Services, relating to the Solution as may be further described in a PO or an SOW.

5.6Solution” means the computer software, in object code form, identified in a PO or an SOW including all Updates, bug fixes, error corrections, changes, enhancements, new versions, new releases, new features, Upgrades, functionality changes, and improvements thereto.

5.7Update” means and includes the modifications or revisions made to the Solution to: (a) improve upon or repair existing features and operations within the Solution; (b) ensure compatibility with new releases of existing systems (including hardware, operating systems and middleware) and external services through standardized interfaces; or (c) comply with applicable Laws, regulations, industry standards, or market practice.

5.8Upgrade” means a new version of the Solution, which adds major enhancements or modifications to the functionality or features to the Solution.


These SaaS Terms were last updated December 3, 2013.

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