Privacy Controls

At Yahoo, we fundamentally believe that the best user experience is a personalized one. We provide you with many controls built-in to manage your experience with us. Below are several of those options:

My Account: Edit your account information and settings, including your profile and contact information.

Marketing PreferencesYou can unsubscribe from marketing messages or newsletters using this link, or directly from the link in the email footer.

Ad Interest Manager: We attempt to match the advertising you see through our systems with your interests based on your online activities and expressed preferences. Ad Interest Manager provides a view into what our systems believe you are interested in and allows you to selectively manage each interest or opt out of personalized advertising by Yahoo's ad systems.

Content Preferences: We believe a personalized experience is the best one possible. Yahoo provides customized content based on your online activities, expressed preferences, and linked accounts to better understand your preferences. Visit this tool to see the content topics you like and dislike, make alterations to those, or opt out of personalized content provided by our systems.

Search History: Search assistance recommendations draw upon your historical searches at Yahoo to better personalize your search experience. Utilize this tool to view what you've searched on in the past using our search technology, remove individual searches, clear your entire history from search assist use, or block further personalization of search assistance suggestions.

Location Management: Our location management page allows you to access, manage, and remove precise geo-location information associated with your Yahoo account.

For additional information on how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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