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Yahoo News is a free service, providing you with comprehensive and up-to-date news on the Web. You do not need to be a Yahoo registered user to access this service.

Information Collection and Use Practices

  • Email a Friend
    • You can email a friend a news story by clicking on the "Email this story" link at the bottom of a news article. In order to use the "Email a story" feature, you must enter your name and email address and the name and email address of the recipient.
    • You have the option of entering a personal message that may or may not include personally identifiable information.
    • Your name and email address will be visible to the recipient of the news story.
    • Yahoo does not use the names or email addresses from this service for any marketing purposes.
  • Feedback Form
    • You can also submit feedback to Yahoo News or suggest a site for Full Coverage by using the Full Coverage Feedback form. This form asks you to give us your name and email address if you would like us to be able to contact you.
    • This information is optional and will be used to contact you regarding the feedback that you have provided to us.

Yahoo Social Bar

  • Yahoo Social Bar allows you to automatically share the Yahoo activity you view with your friends and easily discover things that are interesting to them.
    • When you opt-in to Yahoo Social Bar, Yahoo will automatically share links to the Yahoo activity you view to both your friends on Facebook and to your Facebook friends on Yahoo.
    • You can turn off automatic sharing by clicking on the “Social” drop-down menu in “You on Yahoo News” on the Yahoo News page. You can also remove individual articles you’ve shared by clicking on the “Your Activity” drop-down menu in “You on Yahoo News”.
    • Please read our FAQ to learn more or visit Yahoo News Activity Help if you have more questions.



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