Third Parties

Other companies such as web analytics partners, application developers, ad networks and search partners may use cookies, web beacons, applications (or "widgets") and similar technologies on the Yahoo7 network of websites as described below. In addition, Yahoo7 may share non-personal information about you with partners for product improvements, research and analysis, and to help them provide you with more relevant experiences.

Analytics Partners

Yahoo7 may allow certain partners to include web beacons within pages served by Yahoo7. Yahoo7 may also share portions of our log file data, including IP address, with these partners for analytics purposes. Your IP address may be used to estimate general location and other technographics (such as connection speed, whether you have visited Yahoo7 in a shared location, and the device used to visit Yahoo7). These partners aggregate information about our advertising and what you see on the Yahoo7 network of websites and then provide auditing, research and reporting for us and our advertisers. Currently, Yahoo7 allows web beacons from and shares log file data with the following partners:

None of the personal information you have provided to Yahoo7 as part of your registration is shared with our advertisers or our partners as part of these programs.

* Nielsen will share information about which ads you see with Facebook in an obscured form. If you are a logged-in Facebook user, Facebook will add your age and gender to your ad view details. Facebook will aggregate the combined information and share it with Nielsen for ad effectiveness reporting. To learn more about Nielsen privacy practices and opt-out of this sharing, click HERE. Please note that this link won't allow you to opt out of advertising on Yahoo7's network. To manage or opt out of categories, please visit the Yahoo Ad Interest Manager.

Applications and Widgets

Yahoo7 may implement an application or "widget" from a third party on some of our properties that allows interaction or content sharing by Yahoo7 users. These widgets, such as a Facebook "Share" or "Like" button, are visible to you on the page you visit. The company providing the widget may offer controls for you to manage the widget's appearance and functionality. Your interaction with a widget typically allows the third party to collect some information about you through the third party's web browser cookies or its registration information. However, in some cases, the third party may recognise you through its widgets and its cookies even when you do not interact with the widget. The privacy policies of the partners below should help you to better understand their data collection practices and controls that they make available to you when you interact with their services:

Advertising Technologies

Most advertisements you see on Yahoo7 websites are served by Yahoo7. We describe our own ad serving practices here. However, we also allow other companies to serve advertisements within our webpages. Most commonly, these are third party ad servers, ad agencies, ad technology vendors and research firms.

These companies may include a file, called a web beacon, within pages served by us to provide auditing, research and reporting for advertisers. Because your web browser must request these advertisements and web beacons from the third party's servers, those companies can view, edit or set their own cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from their website directly.

As described in greater detail here, Yahoo7 may customise some ads to users that it believes fit certain interest categories. For example, "males interested in sports" would be a kind of interest category used to decide to show one ad about sports instead of an ad about something else. Yahoo7 does not provide any personal information to an advertiser when you interact with or view a customised ad. However, when you view or interact with an ad, the possibility exists that the advertiser will make the assumption that you meet the interest category used to select the ad.

The following ad networks offer information, and in some cases an opt-out, on their respective websites:

Search Partners

Third party partners may provide search and search advertising results for Yahoo7. Search advertising includes paid search and/or contextual search results. More than one Search Partner may be used at the same time and may change based on factors such as type of online experience, type of device used, and the country the search is performed from.

To learn more about each Search Partner’s data collection and use practices and what tools or controls are available to you, please visit each Search Partner’s Privacy Policy.




Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Learn about your ability to opt out of interest-matched advertising served by Yahoo.

Yahoo7 Privacy

We have detailed reference links describing our privacy practices for a wide range of Yahoo7 products and services.


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