Appended and Matched Data

Yahoo7 collects information, including personally identifiable information, as described in our Privacy Policy, such as when you register with Yahoo, use Yahoo7 products or services, visit Yahoo7 pages or the pages of certain Yahoo7 partners, or enter promotions or sweepstakes. Yahoo7 may combine information, including personally identifiable information, that we have about you with information we obtain from our trusted partners. Yahoo7 may use the information provided by these partners in combination with our existing information to offer you more relevant content and advertising.

Information Collection Practices

  • Yahoo7 may obtain information from our trusted partners and append it to our existing information to add more detail to the information we have about our users. We may use appended information to provide more relevant content and advertising. Yahoo7 may obtain information from, or work with, the following trusted partners to provide more relevant content and advertising:

  • Yahoo7 may append information about you that is publicly available or information that is aggregated and/or anonymised by trusted partners. This information may include, for example, average household size or postal code. Yahoo7 may also append other demographic information about you such as household income range and general location. This information may be associated with personally identifiable information such as email address, name, phone number, and physical address.

Information Matched for Advertisers

  • In some cases our advertisers may share information (including personally identifying information) with Yahoo7 for use in identifying and delivering ads to their customers. Yahoo7 uses this information only on behalf of the advertiser who provided it. Yahoo7 may match this information to our existing user information or may use a third party vendor to assist in this process. The third party vendor may not use the advertiser or Yahoo7 information for any independent purpose.

Your Ability to Opt Out of Interest-based Advertising

  • Yahoo7 offers you the choice to opt out of receiving interest-based content and advertising. If you opt out, your information will not be appended to or matched with third parties for the purposes described above, and you will no longer receive interest-based content or advertising. Additionally, if you opt out, information about your visits to our partner websites will not used to provide reporting to partners using Yahoo7’s analytics product.



Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Learn about your ability to opt out of interest-matched advertising served by Yahoo.

Yahoo7 Privacy

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