Yahoo7 Games

Yahoo7 Games is a gaming platform on which many different game developers can offer games for you to play.

Games Platform

  • Your Identity
    • Your Yahoo7 Games Profile consists of your Yahoo7 Profile photo and nickname (or the Yahoo7 gamer name chosen by you to play under in Yahoo7 Games). Your Yahoo7 Games Profile is public and available for third-party game developers to use in their games.
    • In some games, your Yahoo7 Games Profile is your identity.
    • Some games may use your Yahoo7 Games Profile or an alias as your identity.
      • You generally have an option to select an alias before you enter these games.
      • Your Yahoo7 Games Profile or alias will be visible to the public in this set of games.
      • When a user clicks on your Yahoo7 Games Profile or alias, they may be able to view the information in your Yahoo7 Games Profile.
  • Your Friend List
    • A single friend list is shared across all games and is available for use by third party game developers to enable multi-user game play and communication.Please ensure that you obtain your friends' consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information.
  • Third-party games
    • Your Yahoo7 Games Profile is available for third-party game developers to use during the games you play.
    • The games platform provides an option for third-party game developers to ask you to share some data from your Yahoo7 account.
      • You will be asked whether you consent to share data during the installation process for a third-party game.
      • The third-party developer determines what data they would like you to share.
    • The relationship is between you and the developer.
      • The Yahoo7 privacy policy does not apply to information that may be gathered by developers through their games.
        • Please contact the developer directly for more information about what they collect and their privacy practices.
    • Yahoo7 has a limited relationship with third-party developers and their applications.
      • We do not screen developers. Please exercise caution whenever you interact with an unknown third-party online. Please report problem applications and developers here.
    • Revoke permissions
      • Access My Games to see the third-parties you granted access to your information and remove permission.
      • You may revoke permissions you granted to an application at any time.
      • Choose the “X” next to the game name or other option provided to remove the game.

Service Providers

  • We sometimes use other companies to provide some of our services or provide services to us. To do that, they may need to process your personal information. When they do, they have to follow our instructions and comply with the relevant data protection legislation.

Games Provided by Third-Party Developers

  • Yahoo7 may work with third party game providers to offer you additional games, downloadable purchases and subscription services. Some game providers may ask for personal information and require that you register with them before accessing the game. Please read the game provider's privacy policy. They are solely responsible for their use of this information.

Games provided by Yahoo7

  • We may also develop games that we make available through our gaming platform. These games will be clearly labeled as from Yahoo7.

Third-party Software

  • Some games may require third-party software - such as browser plugins - from companies that Yahoo7 does not own or control. Examples include Flash from Adobe Systems and Unity Platform by Unity Technologies. You will need to contact each company that created the software to understand their privacy practices.

Information provided on this page may change as Yahoo7 revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how we treat your personal information, please visit the Yahoo7 Privacy Policy.




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Yahoo7 Privacy

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